I would be greatly honored to join at your event, conference, or retreat as a speaker.


Step by step and arm in arm, I love guiding people to shift perspectives and patterns that have kept them from experiencing the profound joy of living with inspired vision, action, and interconnection. In my passion to be an experience-maker, I weave together moments of quiet contemplation, soulful pondering, community sharing, and curated content specific to your community. xo, -SDT


My sixteen years of work as founder and director of Seeds of Exchange have deepened my passion for stories and creating experiences that fuel an individual and communal commitment to the well-being of one another that is unstoppable and fierce. I will share practical tools so attendees are inspired to make unique-to-them contributions, offer their gifts in response to some of the world’s greatest challenges, and do so fueled from within for the always-amazing journey of life!


Curated content that ignites individuals and communities with inspired ACTion.

in faith

With my feet firmly planted in my love and commitment to follow Jesus, I create experiences when I speak  that invite people to embrace the rock-solid truths that all people are loved – beloved – by Jesus and are never, ever alone. I encourage and guide people into welcoming the love and companionship of Jesus in their daily lives and encourage generous ways of living and caring for each other.


Speaking content that fosters an intimate experience of Jesus in daily life.

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