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One of the worst and yet largely silent impacts of the pandemic is that it has led to an increase in human trafficking. Current estimates are that somewhere between 20-40 million people are trapped in some form of human trafficking. Many of the safety nets that the vulnerable rely upon are still not operating at full capacity, making it much easier for traffickers to go undetected.


Sarah Davison-Tracy and Devisara Hannah Badi are two women who, after forming a friendship that spans the globe with Sarah in Colorado and Hannah in Nepal, are on a mission to bring the atrocities of human trafficking to light, build a community of action-takers and transform the narrative to one of hope.


In No Longer Untouchable: A Story of Human Trafficking, Heroism, and Hope the women have collaborated to tell the stories of the Badi people and four women who were trafficked out of Nepal into India. This is the first book written in English about the Badi people and its impact, in the words of Hannah Badi is “like a bomb of truth going off in my country.”


Sarah is a resident of Denver and an award-winning author. Her own story of how this book came to be and what she has learned about trafficking in Nepal is one that I’m sure will bring this very difficult topic to your audience with compassion and hope.


Here is our Press Release and Media Kit about the book release and would love to talk about doing a story. Link to book on Amazon.



Thank you for your time and consideration.