Message to Faith-based Organizations / Churches

I have recently released No Longer Untouchable: A Story of Human Trafficking, Heroism, and Hope. Both Devisara Hannah Badi – activist and lead storyteller in Nepal – and I are excited to participate in churches, conferences, concerts, and events at which we can share our love and passion to follow Jesus.


This book, our collaboration from across the world, and the story that is still unfolding among the Badi people in Nepal is a real-life parable in our world today that is a picture of how Jesus brings: FREEDOM to the captives, TRUTH that reveals what has been kept in the dark, and HOPE in the face of unimaginable struggle … because Jesus is with and loves all people.


As we talk about human trafficking, caste, and some of the challenges faced today by the Badi community, we create an experience for people to embrace the rock-solid truths that all people are loved – beloved – by Jesus and are never, ever alone. We encourage and guide people into welcoming the love and companionship of Jesus in their daily lives that can fuel generous ways of living and caring for each other.


We are currently booking speaking engagements and would love to share this work and this message with your community.

With great respect, love, and gratitude,
Sarah Davison-Tracy
Author, Speaker, Founder (Seeds of Exchange)
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