Message to Book Clubs

If you love books, then you also understand the power they have to transform. A book club gathering isn’t just about the love of literature or dishing over a good story with a glass of wine – it’s about sharing the power of how we feel when we get a glimpse of another world through storytelling. It’s about how that glimpse affects our own world. That’s exactly what I want bookclubs across the world to think about when they read No Longer Untouchable: A Story of Human Trafficking, Heroism, and Hope.


I’m writing to invite you to choose my book for your next book club read. When you do, I’ll send over some discussion questions and our Human Trafficking Toolkit which gives you some ways to take action. AND, when you gather to discuss the book, I’d love to join you either in person or virtually so you can ask me anything about my journey in writing this book! Just ask and we’ll get you on the calendar!


I’m a truth-teller and the truth is that this is heavy, but it’s also hopeful. Sharing these true stories and allowing you to bear witness to them is powerful … and it is key to making change in the world. I hope you’ll accept this invitation.

With great respect, love, and gratitude,
Sarah Davison-Tracy
Author, Speaker, Founder (Seeds of Exchange)
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