Message to Anti-Human Trafficking Organizations

I am so excited to announce that we recently launched my new book, No Longer Untouchable: A Story of Human Trafficking, Heroism, and Hope. As you know, the fight for human rights globally is multi-faceted and it’s certainly not easy. By sharing the true stories of victims of human trafficking, I hope to inspire others to join the fight and I need your support as a leader in this space. I’d be honored if you would consider supporting us in one of the following ways:

If you would like to be included in our Human Trafficking Toolkit, kindly email me with the following information: 1. Organization, book, or film/video name, 2. website/URL, 3. description (2-3 sentences) of your project, and 4 – contact information. We’ll reach out with questions or to confirm that you’ve been added.

Also, here is a copy of our Press Release and Media Kit.

With great respect, love, and gratitude,
Sarah Davison-Tracy
Author, Speaker, Founder (Seeds of Exchange)
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