Message to Academic Institutions


I am writing to share my recently-released book, No Longer Untouchable: A Story of Human Trafficking,Heroism, and Hope. I would love for you to consider including it in your upcoming curriculum and allowing me to contribute to your academic community at an in-person or virtual speaking engagement. 


I am eager to share stories from this book in order to educate about human trafficking, inspire people to make a difference locally and globally, and connect people with each other through stories of hope, no matter how difficult the day. 


The book is the first book written in English about the Badi people who are defined by their position as the lowest class in Nepal’s caste system. Women born into the Badi caste are born into a life of prostitution that has been inescapable … until now. No Longer Untouchable: brings you into the appalling reality of modern-day slavery as Devisara Hannah Badi and her sisters tell their stories. They have each overcome unimaginable odds to survive, and today they are bravely fighting to bring freedom, hope, and love into the darkest corners of the world.

With great respect, love, and gratitude,
Sarah Davison-Tracy
Author, Speaker, Founder (Seeds of Exchange)
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