Welcome, my friend – invite you to explore each of these community organizations and find something in each that inspires and ignites you to the core!


The vision for both of these organizations is to meet, inspire, and encourage people in the midst of daily life and to build a community that is unstoppably committed to the well-being of one another. My hope is that we are moved to open up, reach out across boundaries, and deepen our commitment to care for our souls … and each other.

Connect with Sarah

I am an experience-maker with a passion to fuel people’s everyday lives with a palpable and profound sense of love.


I write books, talk about, and gather people whenever and however possible to explore and practice this way of life, together.


What I do is rooted in the everyday – the real and the sometimes-gritty – because daily life is where we live.


I am on the planet to serve, love, respond to, collaborate with, and make a real difference in the daily lives of those down and out.


Not merely ideas or talk, but in igniting action, to wake up people and mobilize a community of committed people to do their part, together.


I am on the planet to love. Fiercely. Unabashedly.


There is no one that this excludes, no one who matters less to my heart when it comes to showing up, extending, and receiving love.


May we rise up, together, so we can make a difference in the lives of those who have been disregarded and forgotten by many.


When we do, our joy will be immeasurable, our purposes on the planet will buoy our hearts, and our lives will glow in the darkness.